We did it!

Thank you for joining the movement and fighting for racial, climate, and economic justice at the polls. Not only did team AOC run a successful, inclusive, and robust campaign, our work also doubled as relief efforts for one of the most COVID-19 impacted districts in the country - with an infection rate more than twice of all of Manhattan.

Together with our 8,500 volunteers, we...

Delivered over 4000 bags of groceries during the COVID-19 crisis to people in need

Distributed over 20k pieces of literature in English, Spanish and Bangla

Raised over $1M for local food pantires, PPE and worker relief funds

Received over 700k small donations, averaging $17.50

Made more than 700k calls direct to residents, with over 80k calls made in the last 72 hours

Received more than 50 endorsements from labor unions and progressive organizations

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with hand over heart
“What you all have shown is that a people’s movement here is not an accident, it is a mandate. This absolutely strengthens us. It’s not just about winning or losing, but so much of this is about how we win. To win with that kind of mandate is transformative, and it tells us that our policy positions are not an accident. It’s exactly what our community has been waiting for, and it’s the kind of leadership that our state and our country has been waiting for. For everyone who has put in time to support, volunteer, or contribute - I cannot thank you enough.”

Thank you team AOC

  • Volunteers with cameras and clipboards
  • Volunteer with AOC poster on their back handing out postcards
  • Volunteers loading food supplies into a truck
  • Volunteers preparing food supplies
  • Volunteer handing out flyers
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bumping an elbow with a volunteer