The Census is for Everyone

'Count Me In' in five languages

Getting Counted

Fill out the Census today. It’s just 10 questions, and takes just 10 minutes to complete. Everyone should complete the Census, regardless of your immigration status. All Census information is confidential and completing the Census is critical. New York is at risk of losing a congressional representative if we are undercounted - that’s one less vote in favor of our interests.

The Census also determines funding allocation for things like schools, roads, and hospitals. So if you don’t fill out the Census, that’s money you’re sending out of the community. Help NY-14 secure our seat and the money needed for schools, health care, housing, and infrastructure.

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Your Participation Matters

NY-14 has been historically undercounted. In 2010, just 64% of households responded to the Census. That’s more than 1 in every 3 people.

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New York Could Lose a Seat In the House of Representatives

Census results determine how many Representatives New York sends to Congress, and right now, New York is at risk of losing a representative. Help strengthen your community's voice on the federal level by completing the Census.

NY-14 Deserves a Fair Share of Federal Funding

Census results determine federal budgets; help NY-14 secure the funding it needs for schools, health care, housing, infrastructure, and more.

Everyone Counts!

All Census information is confidential—regardless of your immigration status. There is no Citizenship question in the 2020 Census.

Filling out the Census

Fill out the Census Online, by Phone, or by Mail TODAY. Though the Census deadline was October 31, 2020, President Trump has now moved it up to October 16 at 6AM. So don’t wait, get counted today.

It is available in 59 languages.

How can I fill out the Census?
There are three ways to fill out the Census: by phone (English (844) 330-2020; Español (844) 468-2020), by returning the questionnaire you received in the mail, or online (

Language assistance is available online or by phone.
Respond by phone:
English: (844) 330-2020 Español: (844) 468-2020
Mandarin: (844) 391-2020 Cantonese: (844) 398-2020
Tagalog: (844) 478-2020 Arabic: (844) 416-2020
Korean: (844) 392-2020
What are the deadlines?
October 16 at 6AM.
Where does my information go?
The U.S. Census Bureau uses the Count to determine the Congressional representation and funding for each community - however, your individual data is completely confidential and will not be linked to any of the Census’ records.
Will they ask about my immigration status?
No. The Supreme Court struck down the Trump administration’s attempt to add a question on citizenship on the Census. Everyone should complete the Census regardless of status.